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"Ninnib THE Barber"

Ninnib THE Barber is located at the shoppingmall of Slangenbeek in the city Hengelo in The Netherlands.

"V I D E O  C L I P S  O F  N I N N I B  THE  B A R B E R"

"V I S I T  M Y  B A R B E R S H O P "

Ninnib THE Barber

"Limitless Fade Options"

Every type of fade and haircut is possible. Working with the finest equipment and knowledge of hair will give you the perfect haircut combination.

Ninnib THE Barber


Line it up don't push it back make the hairline tight and sharp. Working with the finest blades to blow your contours away.

Ninnib THE Barber

"Hair Transformation"

Everything is possible, choises are limitless. I can cut every hair type. I can do every kind of haircut. Just bring your thoughts with you and I will make it happen!